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What promises Trump kept and what Joe Biden wants to change

Republicans lowered taxes, erected a wall, chased immigrants and did not restore the United States as a “giant worker” or repel Obamacare. Democrat wants to be “the anti-Trump”.

The 45th president of the United States, Republican Donald J. Trump, took 827 days to overcome the 10,000 false or misleading claims, according to the fact checker The Fact Checker of the Washington Post. It is an average of 12 official lies a day. But on July 9, 440 days after that, the president surpassed the 20,000 untrue mark – which puts him in a dire metric: 23 unfounded allegations a day, a “tsunami of lies”.

That time included the facts that led to Trump’s impeachment trial (dismissal of which was saved due to the brake of the Republican majority in the Senate), the installation of the pandemic, which throws the USA to the top of deaths (226 thousand) and worldwide infections by covid (8.5 million), while sinking the economy, until the outbreak of protests and racial clashes over the death by asphyxiation of black citizen George Floyd at the hands of white policemen on a street in Minneapolis in May.

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