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Angolan activists call for protest to demand the resignation of João Lourenço’s chief of staff

Angolan activists called for a demonstration on Saturday demanding the resignation of the chief of staff of the President of the Republic of Angola, Edeltrudes Costa, who is said to have been favored by the state in millionaire contracts

Last Saturday, Luanda was also the scene of protests, with an unemployment march, organized by young people, and those injured in the housing projects of the company Build Angola, who claim to have been victims of fraud and demand justice.

Speaking to Lusa, Benedito Jeremias “Dito Dali”, one of the organizers, said that the objective “is to demand that the President of the Republic [João Lourenço] immediately remove Edeltrudes Costa for being involved in illicit business and alleged illicit transfers of money to the abroad ”.

Meanwhile, “Angolans lack medicine in hospitals, doctors are lacking, jobs are lacking for young people”, underlined “Dito Dali”, noting that unemployment in Angola “is rampant”.

The activist considered that Edeltrudes Costa is not able to remain in the Government and should be removed, asking for political and criminal accountability from the chief of staff and criticizing the silence of João Lourenço

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