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London Photo Festival Fence finalists chosen

Event organization promoted a contest dedicated to the theme “Womanwood”

And under the sign of women, the London Photo Festival received thousands of photographs. Of these, 10 were chosen to be exhibited, since the 1st of October and for six months, in the gardens of Marble Hill House, Twickenham, Greater London, in United Kingdom.

The jury’s task was not an easy one, the organization assumed. “We had an impressive amount of entries and an impressive selection to choose from. It was not easy to narrow down to 10 images but we finally did it”, can be read on the festival’s official Facebook.

From next month, photographs taken by Annett Müller-Dorn, Catherine LeComte, George L Stein, Geraint Rowland, the Portuguese and PLATAFORMA collaborator Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro, Kat Young, Max Ellis, Teresa Antoinette Meier, Suzi Corker and Tommaso Carrara can be viewed outdoors. While the exhibition is not opening, the winning images can be seen on the London Photo Festival’s Facebook.

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