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Macau Grand Prix conditioned by the pandemic with a budget of 26.4 ME

The 67th Macau Grand Prix will take place between 19 and 22 November and will have a budget of 250 million patacas (26.4 million euros), announced today the organization of the international automobile race.

At the press conference, the organization announced that it would hold at least six races at the event that attracts tens of thousands of spectators and is expected to bring about 200 drivers, in an edition very conditioned by the pandemic of the new coronavirus: the Macau Formula 4 Grand Prix , the Macau GT Cup, the Guia Macau Race, the 54th Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix, the Macau Touring Car Cup and the GT Cup – Grande Bay Race.

The GT Macau Cup consists of GT3 and GT4 and the participating drivers will be selected from the participants of the China GT Championship and GT Azia Pacific Cup races, who will compete with Macau drivers.

In the case of the Guia Macau Race, the drivers will be chosen from the TCR Azia and Azia Pacific 2.OT events, also with the participation of local drivers.

The Macau Touring Car Cup will retain the format of last year, with the 1600cc Turbo and 1950cc classes competing on the same track.

At the time that Macau maintains restrictions due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, but opened the borders to mainland China, the organization also indicated that foreign pilots will have to do a 14-day quarantine to be able to participate in the races at the iconic Guia Circuit, a 6.12 km city route.

Although the Chinese special administrative region currently prohibits the entry of foreigners, the authorities admitted an exception in the case of pilots, justified by the public interest in the face of an event that has been a tourist bet in Macau.

Macau has registered 46 infections with the new coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, but has never detected any community outbreak, and there are currently no active cases.

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