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239 plastic bottles found in Macao’s coastal areas

The coast is not only composed of natural landscape. Ocean Conservancy reveals that last year more than nine thousand tons of garbage were found worldwide. 1,999 items were found on the beaches of Macau, making a total of 133 kilos of garbage

Food packaging was the most common garbage found on beaches in 2019. Over 4.7 million of these packages were collected by more than 900,000 volunteers, spread over more than 100 countries and regions. The data are from the 2020 report by the Non-Governmental Organization Ocean Conservancy, which in the case of Macau reveals that plastic bottles were the most found garbage.

In the MSAR, 110 people participated in the annual cleaning of the beaches last year, ten more than in the previous year. They cleaned 0.4 kilometers of coastline, along which they found 1,999 items, representing 133 kg of garbage. In 2018, 358 kilograms had been collected in 0.5 kilometers.

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