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Bat Effect

A few months ago I joked about how terrorists may develop lots of new ideas inspired by Covid-19. The pandemic may bring unlimited inspiration and imagination to terrorists. Later, different versions of conspiracy theories spread in the international community. I laughed at all these conspiracy theories. But in the future, it is hard to guarantee that countries will use the customs clearance restrictions and control of the epidemic as a strategy to initiate silent alternative biochemical wars or economic blockades through population movements. Yes, nuclear weapons. They are all put out to deter, but they are much more real. It is not a sin to keep a lot of nuclear bombs in the bucket. Biochemical weapons have always stayed in science fiction. It’s a violation to international law and also an immoral label that politicians would avoid at all cost. However, I am afraid that this epidemic has broken some inertial imaginations.

Under the huge economic and political interests, human life is not important. What politicians need may be just a more logical reason to remove moral shackles. Between countries, it is not necessarily a fantasy to use epidemics, or even create epidemics. Moreover, not only external, but also internal control.

In the era of globalization, our world is empowered by the movement of population and information explosion at the same time. It does not lead to a fair world as it seems to be. On the opposite, it suffered by a social stratification and inequality There is a good reason for the capitalist world to continue to shift to the right.

Human freedom may need more prerequisites in the future The Black Death led to the end of centuries old feudal system and thus changed the course of European history Human history may need to be rewritten over a bat. Let’s swim upstream, continues to search for the Noah’s Ark to freedom.

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