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Macau launches Sino-Lusophone arts center

Macau today saw the laying of the first stone for a Sino-Lusophone arts center, a private investment that has already reached almost 31 million euros, “to help Portuguese-speaking artists”, the benefactor, Ieong Tai Meng told Lusa

The arts center will also function as an artistic residence, in a building with more than 20 floors and an exhibition gallery for Portuguese-speaking works, from Mainland China and Macau, a territory that Beijing has strategically defined to bridge the Portuguese-speaking countries. .

“The building will have more than 20 floors. (…) We expect in 2022 to have a work done and do art exhibitions ”in a building that can accommodate more than 100 people, with the investment currently being between“ 250 and 300 million patacas [21 and 31 million euros ] ”, Explained the president of the International Commercial Association for Lusophone Markets during the launch of the first of the Arts Center of China, Macau and Portuguese Speaking Countries.

“All Portuguese-speaking countries are welcome to Macau” and there are plans to subsidize the transport of artists, especially those “who are very poor, in early career”, to reinforce “even more friendship with Portuguese-speaking people ”Added Eduardo Ambrósio, whose association supported the organization of the event.

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