Macau launches international appeal for Macanese cuisine recipes

Macau launches international appeal for Macanese cuisine recipes

The Cultural Institute of the Macao Special Administrative Region has just launched an appeal to the world: new recipes are needed to enrich the Macanese cuisine database

In order to preserve and promote Macanese cuisine, the government made public the program “International Appeal for the Submission of Macanese Recipes”, with a view to promoting the study and consolidating the register on the culinary arts.

The program aims to collect recipes or manuscripts in digital format, related to Macanese cuisine. The data will be kept in the “Database of Macanese cuisine”, for public use, within the scope of research and promotion of Macanese cuisine, very peculiar to the territory.

In 2017, Macau was designated a UNESCO Creative City in the area of ​​Gastronomy. Macanese gastronomy stands out for its uniqueness and its respective culinary arts, being part of the city’s valuable intangible cultural heritage, as the local government has already assumed on several occasions, also playing an important role for the sustainable development of the territory.

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