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Johnson Chao*

A Japanese cargo ship stranded at the coast of Mauritius, leaking a large amount of fuel, causing an ecological disaster. The incident once again highlighted the destruction of the ecological environment by humans. A wrong decision can cause disaster.

After the incident, Mauritius, once a French colony, sought assistance from France. The Prime Minister of Mauritius wrote in French on twitter: “The cargo ship leakage poses a threat to Mauritius, but our country does not have the relevant expertise to deal with it, so I ask Macron and France to help us.” Regarding ecological disasters, no place can escape from the consequence. International cooperation, and working hard to deal with disasters, are the foundation of human civilization.

France has recently assisted in international incidents. Lebanon was once governed by France. After the big explosion in Beirut port, the French president went there as soon as possible and provided material to rescue the wounded. That proves once again that in the face of disasters, humans can cooperate with each other to achieve the greatest effect.

Cooperation is better than confrontation. Conflicts between tribes, races, and nations occur from time to time. How should this world be ruled by humans? This requires wisdom, and it is better to work hand in hand.

*Chinese editor at Plataforma

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