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China orders the US to close the consulate in Chengdu

The move affecting the consulate in Chengdu comes as a direct consequence of Washington’s decision to close the Chinese consulate in Houston on charges of espionage.

After speculation of retaliation by China, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today the order to close the US consulate in Chengdu.

“The measure taken by China is legitimate and necessary in order to respond to the unjustified act of the USA. It is in conformity with international law, the basic rules of international relations and diplomatic customs ”, declared the Ministry.

“The situation we face in China-US relations is not what we want and the US is responsible for everything that is happening. Once again, we ask you to stop immediately and create the necessary conditions so that bilateral relations can be positively assumed again ”, he added.

In a speech made on Thursday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused the consulate of being a “center for espionage and theft of intellectual property”.

State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said the United States had decided to close the consulate in Houston for precisely the reasons described by Pompeo.

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