Bar, gym, cinema, mega-events are places of greatest risk for Covid

Bar, gym, cinema, mega-events and airplane are places of greatest risk for Covid

American doctors create a coronavirus exposure scale for post-quarantine activities; Look

The risk of becoming infected with Covid-19 varies from the individual’s behavior to the environment and the action they take. American doctors then decided to organize a list of risk of contamination by Sars-CoV-2 for different activities – always considering that people are taking basic care, such as distance from others, proper use of a mask, basic hand hygiene.

Opening a mail, for example, has a very low risk of contagion. Going to a mall or a beach has a moderate risk. And going to a bar or to a mass / religious service have high risks of contamination, according to the list made by doctors.

The scale is further divided into moderate low risks (for activities such as walking in a very busy area) and moderate high risks (such as traveling by plane or hugging / greeting a friend).

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