A day that will not come

A day that will not come

Is the wave of movement that caused by the assassination of a powerful black leader the starting point of the modern black right in America? White House has never scared of any protests over the black right.

The wave of protests over the anti-racism cased by the African American George Floyd Freud killed by the police shows no sign of subsiding, instead, the public anger has grown into an increasing alert level. However the reluctant American Police Force remains the iron strategy. Another black man was killed by the police during the protest. This new incident freeze the possibility of the end of the protest, but rather stir up the public anger.

African Americans is beneficiary from the Industrial Revolution and the upward mobility of capitalism, since then the legitimate right of minority groups has continuously expanded. During this process, there is advocates opt to walk along the flow of history, and there are also martyr who walk against the flow. Even so, African American – Nominally the biggest beneficiary of the history movement has never been able to controlled their destiny. The second attempt to break the ceiling happened in 28th August 1963. That year, the African American Movement leader Martin Luther King deliver a speech on the world-famous “I have a dream” in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, if we reexamine the history again, we can also discovered that the assassination Martin Luther King marked beginning of the acquisition of rights for modern African American, However, the civil right movement is framed as a legend written in textbook as other victory of battle over freedom.

There is always a way to suppress the riots, United States National Guard, even the military can be mobilised upon request. The flam of the protest over the Black live batters would force President Trump evacuated to the White House underground bunker is unprecedented. However, the growing momentum, the local authority was forced to promise to reform the police force as a solution in ongoing state and cities, however, the key of the reform is mainly focus on the unnecessary police violence in the case where African American involved. Nevertheless, under the white supremacy -oriented under the ideology of America, the dream of the equity between black and white people on American territory soil will be continued.

The fact that President Trump evacuated to the underground white house bunker are mocked as the cave child in mass media, it reveals that the elite only interested in mocking the cowardly side of Trump, but ignore the core value the protest. When the public is shouting on the street over the black right, American elite could not care even less.

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