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Commercial leasing – sharks and small fish

Bruno Dias

The situation that businessmen in commerce, services and restaurants are currently facing is of a gravity that cannot be ignored.

The reality of small and micro-entrepreneurs is that there have been brutal declines in billing – and they are not a problem that has been overcome, but continues to be felt, with sales results that are not enough to pay even the rent of the facilities.

Since the first moment, the PCP has repeatedly warned of this problem, and underlined that the Government’s response is not the solution. What is needed is to support micro, small and medium-sized companies, reducing their lease charges. It is not by suspending payments now to pay later, it is not by accumulating debts on top of debts that the problems will be solved. But that is what the Government proposes, and that is all.

*Legislator of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) – Portugal

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