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It’s difficult to looking for a job, or not

Meimei Wong

Affected by the epidemic, the research team of the University of Macau predicts that Macau’s GDP will fall by at least 50% this year.

The economic situation is not optimistic, which is accompanied by reduced employment opportunities and lowered starting wages. The monthly salary of fresh graduates will fall to 10,000 patacas or lower according to local human resources association.

Faced with changes in the overall labor market, employment difficulties may be attributed to the epidemic, but Macau has been in a state of lack of labor for a long time. Even during the epidemic, the number of Macau’s foreign employees is still as high as 180,000 to 190,000 from January to May this year.

The Labour Affairs Bureau issued a press release at the end of June stated that “there are still a large number of job vacancies in the employment matching database for referrals”, including construction, cleaning and property management, hotel, catering and retail industry etc.,which proved that even during the epidemic, there is still have job vacancies, but no one fill the position.

Perhaps some applicants will say that is not my ideal job, or unsatisfied with salary. Of course, employment after graduation is not a golden laws, it is also necessary to continue to study, start a business, part-time work, or even study at home.

However, it should be recognized that the industries derived from the unitary industry of Macau inherently more limited. The overall level of social salaries depends on the degree of professional and affected by the internal and external economies.

It is not difficult to looking for a job in a city that depends on the betting of Gold mountains. But it has always been difficult to find a job outside of Gold mountains.


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