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There are shots in the water that make a lot of noise

On the day he presented his resignation, on his announcement to the country, Sérgio Moro accused President Jair Bolsonaro of interference with the Federal Police (PF).

A few days later, when Moro was heard by the Federal Police, he confirmed that full proof of this interference would be in the video of the government meeting on April 22, two days before his resignation. The video was made public by decision of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) judge Celso de Mello and in it Brazil was able to watch the President say that he wants “everybody armed ”, that the ministers who were praised by Folha de S. Paulo would be dismissed, call “shit” to the governor of São Paulo and “manure” to that of Rio de Janeiro and mention that he would interfere “in all ministries” and even change ministers to protect his family. “I’m not going to wait to fuck my whole family, or my friends, because I can’t change someone from security at the end of the line – who belongs to our structure. Will change! If you can’t change, change his boss; can’t his boss? The minister changes. And period. We are not here to play ”.


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