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Supreme orders government to disclose Covid-19 totals

Counselor judge Alexandre de Moraes, of the Supreme Federal Court, determined that the federal government must fully disclose data on contagion and deaths, as it was done by the Ministry of Health until June 4

The magistrate answered a request made in an action filed by the Rede Sustentabilidade, PCdoB and Psol parties. In the decision, Moraes classified the pandemic as “a real and very serious threat” and pointed out that there are more than 36 thousand deaths in Brazil due to the new coronavirus, reports Agência Brasil.

The judge (Minister of the Supreme Court, in Brazil) stated that the consequences for the population can be disastrous “if internationally recognized measures of effectiveness are not adopted, among them, the collection, analysis, storage and dissemination of relevant necessary epidemiological data, both to the planning of the public power for decision making and forwarding of public policies, as well as the full access of the population for effective knowledge of the situation experienced in the country ”.

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