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Causes and contradictions

Paulo RegoPaulo Rego

Being conservative does not indicate a political sector. It is a state of mind; traditional soul struggle against our future demon. Hence the expression “rasca generation”, called “without values”. The global revolt against the death of George Floyd, an African-American suffocated by the brutality of a white policeman, proves the opposite: the values ​​are sometimes of the future: because they are strong, in theory; fragile in practice. Donald Trump resists everything: economic crisis, Covid-19, private interest, natural stupidity … but he trembles on the street, in the media and on social media. United generations demand the right to life – and to equality. The past created; the present does not comply; the future reacts.

Politics, like economics, having the merits that they have, use, abuse, and manipulate narratives; they do what works; say supposed values. China enforces law and order against chaos in Hong Kong – with good reason. But, in fact, the Autonomous Region does not want freedom from central power; nor the population focused on the dogma of freedom. The United States dictates trade war, uses Hong Kong to take Beijing out – it is obvious. But, strictly speaking, human rights and the democratic crusade hide panic at the eastern challenge to Anglo-Saxon messianic hegemony. And when the revolt knocks at the door, the statue of liberty screams the police muscle and wields legality. It is discredit – the people are not blind.
Guilherme Rego said, here at Plataforma: when the reaction to injustice is violence, it is part of the problem. You’re right – and 30 years less convinced than I am. This generation is not “rasca”. Accused of not reading, of being disconnected… it has information, a global focus, causes… and the hunger for intervention that technology fuels. However, it carries the weight of the old contradiction: violence breeds violence; value is lost – and legitimacy.

I am Heraclitean: “War is the father of all things” – in the rhetorical sense, through debate. In the current context I prefer Gandhi’s mind. The future screams for peace; this diplomacy and negotiating skills are lacking. If the past understands these values ​​- you may want to migrate with us.

*General Director at Plataforma

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