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“Angola has three challenges to fight poverty”

Jaquelino Figueiredo

The World Bank representative in Angola, Olivier Lamberg, pointed out the improvement of the quality of education, as well as the fight against malnutrition and early pregnancy as three challenges that the Angolan Government must face, if it wants to end, in fact, hunger and poverty at country level.

Olivier Lamberg, who was speaking on Saturday in Nzeto, Zaire province, on the sidelines of the central act of launching the social cash transfer program “Kwenda”, which will benefit 1,608,000 most vulnerable families in Angola, said that only with well-trained people , well nourished and with controlled early pregnancy it will be possible to diversify the economy and, in this way, fight hunger and poverty.

According to Olivier Lamberg, the Executive should invest in human capital, the process of which involves the improvement of the Education and Health sectors, as well as in terms of protecting the most vulnerable.

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