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Terrorists use people as shields in Macomia

The armed group that has attacked the village of Macomia, in Cabo Delgado, since thursday, has robbed several commercial establishments until today, indicating their withdrawal, several witnesses told Lusa.

“They have evicted several commercial establishments and everything indicates that they want to carry that to their bases. It seems to us that they are preparing for a withdrawal,” said a local source, based on today’s testimony from residents hiding in the bush.

A considerable part of the population of the village, the main meeting point in the middle of the paved road that connects the north to the south of the province, is in the bush, but there are those who risk a return to the center of the village to look for supplies. According to the source, the Defense and Security Forces have been spotted on the ground, but the situation is “complicating because insurgents are using people as shields”.

n contact with Lusa today, Luiz Lisboa, bishop of Pemba, capital of Cabo Delgado province, said he had welcomed, since Friday, some people who fled the clashes in the village of Macomia towards the provincial capital, a distance of about 179 kilometers.

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