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Anastasia, the “Robin Hood” doctor from quarantine in Russia

She is a hero to many hospitals in Russia, a rebel to the police. According to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo in today’s edition, Russian ophthalmologist Anastasia Vasilieva, a critic of the Kremlin, was arrested earlier this month when traveling from Moscow to a poor village where she went to deliver masks and other medical equipment to a local hospital. She was also charged with the crime of disobedience for refusing to comply with the police order to go to the local police station to make statements.

It was not the first confrontation with the police, there have been some. And this is because she is already followed by the agents since whenever a hospital in the countryside needs help, Anastasia runs for it with medical equipment, against the rules of forced quarantine.

Anastasia, unstoppable in her role as “Robin Hood”, violated the rules of confinement to help her colleagues, placed in hospitals with no means to fight Covid-19. Speaking to El Mundo by telephone, the leader of the Alliance of Doctors explained why she gave herself to this mission: “Units in hospitals continue to close during quarantine due to lack of means and people in the interior regions will die at home and not in hospitals “.

Several Russian media have confirmed that doctors and hospitals are turning into coronavirus vectors and outbreaks, aggravating the contagion numbers that Putin says he has under control.

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