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Cartels take advantage of Covid-19 to ‘buy’ population and territory with food aid

The Covid-19 crisis has affected virtually the entire world and no one is turning a blind eye to the situation. In Mexico, for example, some drug cartels have helped local populations. They themselves, however, say that these measures aim to ensure more security with the locals, as The Guardian writes, as well as to guarantee more territory, ‘conquering’ it from other cartels.

Despite the fact that the authorities are scattered on the streets in Mexican cities, in Michoacan, the Los Viagras cartel was not concerned with them and in a video made available on social media, some members of this cartel can be seen delivering bags full of food to hundreds of people. In this city, for example, the Jalisco Cartel ‘reigns’, so Los Viagras will be trying to put the population on their side.

In Tamaulipas, a Mexican state bordering southern Texas, photos of boxes full of sugar, oil and other basic products distributed in large quantities circulate. The donor’s name was stamped on the top of each box: “Gulf Cartel, in support of Ciudad Victoria”, the state capital.

It should be noted that last week, Alejandrina Guzmán – a daughter of drug dealer Joaquín Guzmán, known as El Chapo – also posted a video on Facebook in which she and several other women filled “Chapo Packs” with toilet paper, canned foods , beans and rice.

But not even the cartels deny that the offers have other intentions. In an interview, the leader of the Southern cartel, one of the groups that compete in the Sierra de Guerrero state, in the south, where most of Mexico’s heroin is produced, guaranteed the following: “If we protect them [local populations], they they will also protect us, “he said.

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