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Covid-19. Macau markets gradually return to normal

Early morning. The São Domingos market, located in the center of Macau, is starting to move. Not as much as before, before the arrival of SARS-CoV-2.

Salespeople, like the vast majority of customers, wear a mask. They understood that it is possible to fight the new coronavirus. There are many empty stalls and not so many people circulating in the corridors of the space, which came to be closed for disinfection after it became known that one of the cases that tested positive in the neighboring region of Hong Kong, has been walking for several days. there, where he got to eat meals on the top floor and buy food together with friends.

Perhaps that will drive people away at a time that is not worth taking a risk. Still, there are a few dozen who go there to buy fresh food that they know so well. Fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. Everything can be found at the stalls in the São Domingos market, and in other markets in the territory.

Those who are unaware of the reality of the markets in Macau, roughly speaking, we can say that these are a mixture of Chinese and Portuguese markets. At least that is our perception. The dawn of the fish. The disposition of the fruits. The hanging meats. The smells…

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