Início » Sands China Launches ‘Summer Fiesta’ Community Revitalisation Attractions at Iec Long and Taipa Houses

Sands China Launches ‘Summer Fiesta’ Community Revitalisation Attractions at Iec Long and Taipa Houses

Sands China Ltd. has launched Summer Fiesta, the latest round of its Community Revitalisation Series. The event takes place at the former Iec Long Firecracker Factory and the Taipa Houses, with installations on display from April 8th to May 31st.

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Summer Fiesta aims to create a vibrant and inviting urban oasis in Macao by seamlessly blending the unique features of these two locations. Sands China is committed to preserving and promoting the distinct garden ambiance and natural ecology of both sites, allowing visitors to indulge in the beauty of nature.

At the historic firecracker factory, Sands China has undertaken a remarkable transformation, turning it into the delightful Iec Long Zoo. Throughout April and May, visitors can immerse themselves in a joyful atmosphere filled with colourful and whimsical animal sculptures, truly showcasing the wonders of nature.

The Iec Long Zoo promises to be a delightful experience for both locals and tourists, offering complimentary family activities such as balloon artistry and face painting during the holiday season.

Meanwhile, the Taipa Houses will continue to embrace love and serve as a romantic and leisurely sanctuary for the public. Love at Taipa Houses presents the captivating Encounter Love installation from April 10th to May 31st, paying homage to the everlasting allure of romance.

This picturesque installation, along with a larger-than-life bouquet composed of dozens of fiberglass summer flowers, serves as an idyllic backdrop for photography enthusiasts. To make the experience even more memorable, resident photographers will be available at various times to provide free instant photo services, allowing visitors to capture their cherished memories.

During the event, local art organisation Comuna de Pedra is presenting the fourth edition of Todos Fest!, an inclusive arts festival held from April 12th to 21st at the Former Iec Long Firecracker Factory, featuring performances, film screenings, rehabilitative workshops, a multi-media experience and an inclusive market.

The festival unites local and Hong Kong artists, local volunteers and community organisations, elderly people and individuals with physical and mental disabilities.

Dr. Wilfred Wong, Executive Vice Chairman of Sands China Ltd., emphasized the significance of the project, stating, “A unique architectural style can still be seen at the former Iec Long Firecracker Factory, and its beautiful natural scenery makes it a significant area to be preserved and promoted,”… “We are therefore transforming this remarkable area into a zoo-themed spot, while also enriching the romantic ambience at the Taipa Houses, in contribution to the city’s economic diversification…’’

Summer Fiesta marks the latest initiative of Sands China’s ongoing revitalisation series, which includes the revitalisation and optimisation plan for various areas in collaboration with the Macao SAR government. Furthermore, Sands China aims to establish the Macao Cultural Centre Square as a preferred venue for hosting outdoor events by organising a diverse range of activities.

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