Início » Comuna de Pedra presents “Todos Fest!” Inclusive Arts Festival, promoting inclusive arts in the community

Comuna de Pedra presents “Todos Fest!” Inclusive Arts Festival, promoting inclusive arts in the community

Local art organization Comuna de Pedra is launching the fourth edition of Todos Fest!, an inclusive arts festival aimed at promoting inclusivity in the community. The festival will feature a diverse range of performances, film screenings, rehabilitative workshops, a multi-media experience and an inclusive market from 12 to 21 April at the Former Iec Long Firecracker Factory.

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Todos Fest! brings together local and Hong Kong artists, local volunteers, community organisations, elderly individuals, and people with physical and mental disabilities. Title-sponsored by Sands China Ltd., the festival is part of Sands China’s Community Revitalization Series. It is also sponsored by the Cultural Development Fund.

Highlights of the festival’s lineup are as follows:

∙ “Life Is a Dream” – Performed by the cast of The Journey of My Story Community Project, this production blends storytelling and dance, exploring themes of fear, depression, dreams, sorrow, joy and reflections on life and death.

 A multimedia performance of “Caretaker” – Offering an immersive experience, this theatrical presentation showcases original score recordings and heartfelt stories of caretakers from diverse narratives and perspectives.

∙ Screenings with Heart – A thoughtfully curated selection of films invites viewers from all backgrounds to gain a deeper understanding of an inclusive society.

∙ “Forget-me-not” Workshop for Care Professionals – Led by Hong Kong practitioner Kerry Cheung, this workshop explores how dance can bring vitality to those with dementia, offering participants practical experience and theoretical insights.

∙ Inclusive Market – Todos Fest! features an inclusive market where diverse local organisations, including the Association of Parents of the People with Intellectual Disabilities of Macau, Fuhong Society of Macau, Casa de Peliseo Sam Meng Chi, Richmond Fellowship of Macau and Comuna de Pedra, showcase their products and share their missions and efforts.

Tickets for performances, screenings and workshop are now available at:

For more information about Todos Fest!, please visit:

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