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Taliban actions against women may constitute crimes against humanity

The Taliban’s actions against women in Afghanistan could constitute “a crime against humanity”, the G7 foreign ministers warned today in a statement.

The ministers, who met via video conference, called on the Taliban regime to reverse its decision to ban women from studying at university and banish girls from secondary education.

And they warned Kabul of the possible consequences at the International Criminal Court in The Hague: “Gender-based persecution may constitute a crime against humanity under the Rome Statute, of which Afghanistan is a member state”.

“The Taliban’s policies to remove women from public life will have consequences for our countries’ relations with the Taliban,” they warned.

“The recent measures taken by the Taliban, in addition to the previous cumulative measures that restrict the enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms by women and girls in Afghanistan, are extremely worrying and appear to be a systematic policy”, they lamented.

At a press conference held in Berlin with her Danish counterpart, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock was keen to call recent Taliban decisions against women’s education “another step back in the cave age”.

But she is not the only one, she said, recalling that, in recent months, the Taliban had increased restrictions on women’s freedom: “Not only are they no longer allowed to study, but they are no longer allowed to go to parks and leave their houses without a veil”.

Meanwhile, the Taliban government’s Higher Education Minister today defended his decision to ban women from universities, saying it was necessary to prevent gender mixing in universities and because he believes that some subjects taught violated the principles of Islam.

In an interview with Afghan television, Nida Mohammad Nadim said that foreign countries that condemn the move should stop interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

A former provincial governor, police chief and military commander, Nadim was appointed minister in October by the Taliban supreme leader and has previously pledged to end secular schooling.

Nadim opposes female education, saying it is against Islamic and Afghan values.

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