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Galapagos. Scientists introduce extinct species to restore ecology

Scientists from the Ecuadorian Galapagos archipelago will reintroduce several extinct species to Floreana Island, at the heart of the island formation, to restore ecological networks and prevent the disappearance of other endemic animals.

The plan is to introduce some varieties of finches, the witch’s bird, pachay (endemic bird), lava gull, Galapagos owl and the imitation thrush, as well as the Florean snake and the giant tortoise, explained the Park Directorate. Galapagos National Park (PNG).

The PNG is responsible for the environmental care of this archipelago located about a thousand kilometers east of the mainland coast of Ecuador and declared a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The project, which started two years ago, will be implemented in 2024, when the reintroduction of the specimens, chosen from ‘source populations’ already defined elsewhere in the archipelago, is expected to be effective, a PNG source explained to the agency. Eph.

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