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Brussels prepares plan to prevent total Russian gas cut

The President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, announced this Wednesday before the European Parliament that her executive will present a European emergency plan this month to prevent a possible total cut in Russian gas supplies.

“We need to prepare for further disruptions in gas supplies, even a complete cut-off from Russia. Currently, in total, 12 Member States are directly affected by partial or total reductions in gas supply. It is obvious: [Russian President Vladimir] Putin continues to use energy as a weapon”, he said, in a debate in the Strasbourg hemicycle on the Czech biannual presidency of the EU Council, which began on 1 July.

Von der Leyen then announced that “it is for this reason that the Commission is working on a European emergency plan”, which it will present “in mid-July”.

“Member States already have their national emergency plans in place. That’s good, but we need European coordination and common action. We need to ensure that, in the event of a complete rupture, the gas flows to where it is most needed. We must ensure European solidarity. And we need to protect the single market as well as industry supply chains,” she said.

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