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Alleged children, ex-women and even the lawyer: the war for Maradona’s inheritance

There are many candidates for the legacy of the former Argentine player, from 11 alleged children, to ex-women, to his girlfriend and even to a lawyer. Heritage is valued at between 64 and 84 million euros and consists of properties, luxury cars and jewelry

At a time when the death of Argentine star Diego Maradona, on the 25th of last month, still leaves many mourners and fans around the world in mourning, there is a mandatory question that is imperative and cannot be guessed for easy resolution: where it goes the fortune of the ace who enchanted the lawns and sowed controversies wherever he went? Theories are many, the values ​​are not precise and among the candidates there are 11 suitors (only children), ex-women and even a lawyer.

Due to the fact that El Pibe did not leave a will, it is guessed that the process has everything to be complicated. Starting with legitimate children, Diego Maradona has five recognized from four women: Dalma and Gianinna, aged 33 and 31, were born from his marriage to Claudia Villafañe. In 2013 Maradona was the father of Diego Fernando, seven years old, son of Verónica Ojeda, and in 2014 he took on another daughter, Jana, 24 years old, as a result of his relationship with the Italian Valeria Sabalain, in 1996. In 2016 he took over again, judicially, another son, Diego Sinagra Maradona, now 34 years old from another extramarital relationship with model Cristina Sinagra.

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