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Republicans against Donald Trump

Not every Republican party is with Donald Trump. Some joined the RVAT movement, Republican Voters Against Trump.

Dan Eckman, 41, lives in Brooklyn and as a New Yorker, knows who Donald Trump is. “We all knew he was a despicable millionaire, but New York has a high degree of tolerance” for these people. But when four years ago, Trump ran for president of the United States, the scenario became daunting.

Dan, a Republican since his youth, didn’t vote and would never vote for Donald Trump. “He does not represent any of the values of the Republican Party. He’s a piece of garbage as a human being, who got into the oval office because he likes fame, power and money. And he’s not interested in anyone but himself.”

Disenchanted with the strategy followed by the party, Dan and other Republicans formed the Republican Voters Against Trump group.

“The problem is that the Republican Party completely lost its mind 10 years ago,” he said. “They have lost sight of what the party has always stood for.”

Still, Dan Eckman continues as a Republican activist because “honestly, there’s nowhere to go. I feel like I’ve moved away from the party, standing still. I came out of the bubble of Republican politics by not changing with it.”

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