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Political Fragments : Refugee and Uighurs

US government introduced to give refugee status to Hong Kong residents at risk of persecution under the Chinese national security, and the quota of 5000 of refugee is set for Hong Kong recently. Although I understand that refugee policy is always highly political. However, I still have to make it clear that refugee policy should be based on humanitarian, but not pure politics. The year-long Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement is cruel battle and trauma for the city, more than 10000 people are arrested, the freedom of press is hit and limited,  the police brutality is highly increased , however, can we really compared to Hong Kongers to Uighurs in Xinjiang re-education camps , or the women in Cabo Delgado, I couldn’t help but judge, especially When I think of the Syrian kids who drown crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

Talking about Uighurs, one of my friends think that the issues of Uighurs is just like the racial discrimination that is happening in U.S. and Europe, while my other friend hit back that the racial discrimination in other countries that is mainly a social issues, and the conflicts is always two-way road,  certainly the lack of urban planning and poor social policy worsen the racial problem in US.,  public sector should take responsibility for this part. However, what Uighurs is facing is a nation, but not other race, and this made a big difference.

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