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USA / Elections: Joe Biden tells Trump to shut up in conflicting debate

Democratic candidate Joe Biden told the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to be silent during the first debate in the November 3 presidential election, which took place this morning in Cleveland, Ohio.

“Are you going to shut up, man?” said Biden, after being interrupted several times by Donald Trump in a very conflicted debate.

The Democratic candidate was speaking after being asked by the moderator, Chris Wallace, about the possibility of adding another seat to the Supreme Court, a question he did not answer directly.

However, Biden said the vacancy left by the death of progressive judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg should not be filled before the elections and that voters should have the opportunity to decide who will nominate the institution’s next judge.

Donald Trump, who appointed conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett to the post, said he “has every right” to fill the vacancy and that Democrats just couldn’t confirm Merrick Garland in 2016 “because they didn’t have the election.”

Four years ago, the Republican-controlled Senate prevented then-President Barack Obama from nominating Merrick Garland for Antonin Scalia for more than nine months, arguing that he should be the next President to do so.

The same Senate, led by Mitch McConnell, has now reversed its position and intends to confirm Trump’s nominee regardless of the election results.

The Supreme Court was one of several issues addressed during an hour and a half of debate, where candidates exchanged insults and accusations.

In one instance, Biden said it was “difficult to respond to anything with this clown” and said he was “the worst President America has ever had”. On other occasions, he said that Trump is “racist”, “liar”, “puppet of [Vladimir] Putin” and “without knowledge” of what he says.

Donald Trump, for his part, questioned Joe Biden’s intelligence, telling him that there is “nothing smart” about the Democratic opponent. The President of the United States also refused to condemn white supremacists and militia members scattered across the country.

Trump also accused Biden of calling the army military “stupid bastards”, something the Democrat denied.

Fox News moderator and presenter Chris Wallace has repeatedly asked Donald Trump to let Joe Biden answer the questions, with the North American President often speaking over his opponent aggressively.

Trump also launched several accusations of corruption and drug addiction to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, who the Democrat vigorously defended, saying he “did nothing wrong” and “is proud” of him.

Two more debates are scheduled, with tonight’s acrimony prompting some commentators from CNN, the station that broadcast the debate, to question whether or not Joe Biden should continue with the plan to return to the stage with Trump.

The next debate in the electoral cycle will be between candidates for vice president, Mike Pence (Republicans) and Kamala Harris (Democrats), on October 7.

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