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Nyusi wants a sustainable and producing country

At the first ceremony to hand over funding under the Sustenta project, the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, said that the time has come for Mozambique to become a sustainable and producing country and to stop relying on donations to live. And for that to happen, it is necessary that processes like Sustenta take place without any “schemes” that can subvert its essence.

The Sustenta Project is an integrated management project for agriculture and natural resources, whose objective is to promote and facilitate integrated rural development, with a view to contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of rural families. Streamline the forest-based value chains, empowering everyone involved with the necessary resources and generating the possible synergies, in order to increase productivity, while ensuring the provision of immediate response in the event of a crisis or eligible emergencies.

However, the Head of State warned beneficiaries that the values ​​and equipment financed belong to the Mozambican people, they are not offers. Everything that is being allocated has the purpose of making the country self-sufficient.

Nyusi delivered 85 motorcycles to an equal number of agricultural extension workers, 20 tractors delivered to peasant farmers in the family sector, seed kits, fertilizers and pesticides for high-yield crops that will benefit eight thousand families.

At the ceremony, checks were also delivered to the “aggregators”. They received values ​​ranging from 4 to 6 million Meticais. To these are added three companies, which received between 100 and 400 million Meticais to develop the rice value chain.

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