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Canada suggests safe sex with mask and avoiding kisses

The doubts regarding covid-19 are more than many. And when it comes to sex, the list of questions continues. Theresa Tam, Canada’s director of public health, recommends wearing a mask and less kissing during sex.

The question has been taken seriously by many public health officials in several countries: what risks are there in the spread of covid-19 disease during sexual intercourse? There are no definitive solutions, but Canada’s public health department – the equivalent of the Directorate-General for Health in Portugal – issued a statement on Wednesday on the subject.

“Sexual health is an important part of our health. However, sex can be complicated at the time of covid-19, ”says doctor Theresa Tam. For Canada’s director of public health, if the partners are not part of the same bubble, for example, they do not reside in the same house, some preventive measures must be taken, such as “avoiding face-to-face contact and proximity”. The use of a mask to cover the nose and mouth is also recommended.

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