Rising unemployment in China exposes precarious migrant workers

Rising unemployment in China exposes precarious migrant workers

Thousands of workers from the Chinese countryside seek jobs daily in Kanglecun, a tangle of streets and alleys in southern Canton, illustrating the impact of the pandemic on the most vulnerable in Chinese society

“Most of the people who came to work in Guangzhou are in this area,” explained Jiang Shaojian, 46, to the Lusa agency. “Most now have little to do, they are practically unemployed”, he described.

Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong, a province located in the far southeast of China and bordering Macau and Hong Kong.

Jiang is part of a flow of millions of workers from the interior of the country who headed to Guangdong, as the province became the world’s factory, but as the covid-19 pandemic, which affected China’s main export markets, left it in a precarious situation.

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