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French company creates hemp mask against Covid-19

A French company has created an approved hemp-based mask against covid-19 that can be composted.

“Due to its characteristics, hemp has properties that do not require the addition of other products, such as glue, or thickener. Its characteristics mean that filtration and breathability are carried out without adding any product, ”Stephanie Gauvenet, director of the Géochanvre factory in Lézinnes, located in central France, told AFP.

The company, which specializes in sustainable development and vegetable felt, has spent months thinking about developing a hemp mask, a plant whose flowers result in cannabis, but whose fibers are widely used in the textile and felts sector.

Approved by the General Directorate of the Army, which indicates a filtering efficiency of 89%, 1.4 million copies have been sold so far, starting at 0.65 euros (US $ 0.77) per unit.

“We manufacture 5,000 (units) a day,” said Géochanvre’s commercial director, Gérald Bayette, adding that, today, they make in France the only mask that can be made up in Europe.

The company has customers in Belgium, Switzerland and Italy.

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