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China wants to silence

It came in handy on the 42days after Hong Kong National Security Law came into effect.

On August 10th, the Hong Kong police raids and arrests Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai, his two sons and four executives, Andy Li, a member of the Election Observation Mission, Wilson Li Chung-chak, a former member of the now-disbanded student activist group Scholarism, and Former student activist Agnes Chow Ting.

10 people were charged with collusion with foreign forces, conspiracy to defraud, incitement, and money laundering.

For Beijing, it doesn’t matter what they are charged with. It doesn’t matter what media tycoon or the goddess of democracy you are. All of them are caught. So that Beijing can be “brought to justice” and In the age of well-informed Internet, killing one as an example can also take effect immediately.

It is self-evident that the arrest of media founder has caused great damage to freedom of speech, but how many people have cherished this freedom?

In Macau, most people do not understand and do not want the freedom of speech, or for them, as long as they do not talk bad about the motherland, they have “freedom of speech that they can talk about.”

Under the COVID-19, everyone wears masks to prevent droplets from spreading the virus, and at the same time, keeps their mouths shut to prevent speech from spreading freedom, to ensure health and safety.


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