Início » Sandy Tang, MasterChef Star, becomes ambassador of Foodie Platform

Sandy Tang, MasterChef Star, becomes ambassador of Foodie Platform

She is a Macau native and was one of the finalists of the UK’s MasterChef program this year. Sandy Tang accepted to be an ambassador for the Foodie Platform without blinking. All for Macanese food, which she considers unique

She is 24 years old and was one of the finalists for this year’s BBC MasterChef program. Born in Macau, Sandy Tang has been promoting not only Chinese cuisine abroad, but also Macanese.

Even though she was not the big winner of this year’s edition, Sandy Tang was the star of the last season with her combinations of ingredients, having won the confidence and the vote of the viewers. With her life story, Tang aims to inspire children to follow their dreams.

Sandy has lived in the UK since she was 13 and returns to Macau whenever she can, yet she never forgets her origins and how this, in fact, influences the identity of her cuisine. “Macau cuisine is a mix of Portuguese and Chinese cuisine, and is recognized as the world’s first fusion food,” she admitted to PLATAFORMA.

Sandy Tang, the new ambassador of the Foodie Platform.

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