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Advertisement becomes the biggest winner?

Johnson Chao*

In the beginning stage of the Covid-19 pandemic, public kept close attention to different media receiving information, paying attention to the latest number of cases, the supply of masks, government policy on fighting against Covid-19, financial assistance, etc…. huge amount of news spread across major social media.

The Macau government also makes good use of social media to release the latest pandemic information, as well as live broadcast special press conferences.

Under this circumstance, the penetration rate of social media has risen, and the amount of advertising exposure in it has also reached different age groups. Let’s say, the advertisement in social media that come ubiquity: WeChat, Facebook sponsored ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads. There are all entered our life. Initially, the purpose of downloading social media was to express oneself, sharing photos and videos with friends. Gradually, news, advertisements and other information were influx to social media. When browsing social media, it is always being advertised. Now, it is difficult to find an APP that has no ads at all, except for government apps.

Advertisements attract customers to consume and purchase products and services, but too many advertisements can be annoying. We keep receiving information every day, from the moment we wake up, turning on the phone, until the moment before going to bed. Under this pandemic situation, the penetration rate of advertising has become more popular. Will this sector, the advertising industry, grow under this poor economic situation? And, do we really need so much information?

*Chinese Editor at Plataforma

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