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In defense of national production and food self-sufficiency

Portugal is in an absolutely contradictory situation and at the same time unacceptable we can even say inadmissible!

Our country is able to produce much more and at different levels, however the degradation of the productive apparatus of agriculture, fisheries and industry, today makes Portugal a country far from self-sufficiency, importing one third of its agri-food needs, being persistently deficient in numerous productions and, in some important cases, such as cereals or beef, the majority of consumption is imported from abroad. An example that illustrates the contradiction in which the country finds itself is the fact that our Exclusive Economic Zone is one of the largest in the world, however we have a balance, with regard to the commercial balance of fish, negative by over one billion euros! In other words, we have Sea, we have Fishing, we have People who are the biggest consumers of fish per capita, however we import about 80% of what we need.

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*Legislator of Communist Party of Portugal (PCP) – Portugal

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