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FLEC accuses Angolan Armed Forces of killing three civilians in Cabinda

The Cabinda Enclave Liberation Front (FLEC) today accused the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) of killing three civilians, including a teenager, in this Angolan enclave.

“Three innocent civilians, including a teenager, unarmed, were killed on Wednesday, June 24, by the Angolan FAA military in the village of Macama-Nzila, near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo,” said the secretary-general. general of FLEC-FAC, Jacinto António Télica.

According to the statement, the three civilians were “falsely accused” of belonging to the Armed Forces of Cabinda (FAC).

“We denounce to the international community this deadly attack by the Angolan armed forces against innocent and defenseless civilians”, reads the statement.

The independent organization also said it had information that the FAA is currently carrying out “a large-scale operation against the Cabindan civilian population in the border areas”, accusing it of belonging to the FAC.

FLEC also said that the population of these locations “lives in terror and their human rights are constantly violated”.

The organization appealed to the United Nations Security Council, in particular to the UN Secretary-General, the Portuguese António Guterres, to “take measures for concerted action to prevent the massacre of innocents in the territory of Cabinda”.

The secretary general of FLEC-FAC asked Guterres to urge the Angolan authorities to abandon the “scorched earth and intimidation policy” in Cabinda.

Jacinto António Télica said that the struggle of the Cabindan people “will continue until the international community recognizes the inalienable right to freedom and self-determination, recognized by the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

The independence organization has announced several deaths in recent weeks as a result of the conflict.

In recent statements to Lusa, deputy of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) Raul Danda, elected by the Cabinda circle, considered “a real insanity” that the Angolan Government denies the existence of an armed conflict in the enclave and criticized the role of Portugal.

“I think it is a real insanity to deny the existence of the conflict in Cabinda, it is insanity to call that an incident, it is not an incident, there is a military conflict that occurs in Cabinda,” said Raul Danda.


The deputy stressed that he has repeatedly said that the more the Angolan Government postpones the debate on the situation, “the more radical the spirits”.

As for Portugal’s role in this process, Raul Danda declared that it is “with a lot of hurt and sadness” that he looks at the Portuguese authorities, considering that a large part of Portuguese politicians “are those who, when they are in opposition, say many truths, but it is enough to get to power and they are all aligned with the Government of Cidade Alta [in Luanda, where the Presidential Palace is located] because of the money ”.

According to Raul Danda, the Angolan Government has to try to find a solution for that case, “under penalty of being playing a worse role than what the Portuguese did”.

FLEC, through its “armed wing”, the FAC, fights for independence in the territory, claiming that the enclave was a Portuguese protectorate, as established in the Treaty of Simulambuco, signed in 1885, and not an integral part of the Angolan territory.

Created in 1963, the independent organization split and multiplied into different factions, ephemeral, with FLEC / FAC remaining as the only movement that claims to maintain an “armed resistance” against the Luanda administration.

More than half of Angolan oil comes from this Angolan province.

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