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São Paulo policemen filmed torturing young man

Military police from Jaçanã, in the north of the city of São Paulo, were filmed, this morning, attacking a young man. In the images, it is possible to see five PMs punching, kicking and bludgeon blows. While being beaten, the young man says that he is a worker, that he went to get his girlfriend and that he was doing nothing.

In the images, published by the Ponte Jornalismo website, it is possible to hear other policemen talking to people who tried to stop the aggression. “Are you going to defend tramp too?” Says one of the PMs. In the sequence, the young man is dragged by a ladder, where he picks up more, while the PMs threaten the residents: “I’m going to break everyone”.

According to the version narrated by the military police, Eduardo Xavier de Souza, during the patrol they suspected the young man, who “struggled to try to get rid of” and, because of that, “caused both of them to fall to the ground”.

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