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Western civilization confidence

The contemporary mainstream political values of the West have fundamentally opposed people/societies and governments.

There are complex and profound historical reasons. Because Western civilization is very powerful in modern human history, it has defeated, conquered, and ruled all other civilizations and societies in the world. , Despise, and despise other civilizations and societies, and consider themselves to represent the ultimate success model, road, and universal value of all mankind. This is a kind of road confidence, theoretical confidence, institutional confidence and cultural confidence.

Western civilization has conquered all civilizations by force and colonized the world in the past few hundred years. In the second half of the 20th century, military conquest and colonization were no longer legal means of global competition, but in the post-colonial era, the West turned to economic and technological means to continue to rule the world. Civilized self-confidence, if not enhanced, at least nor weakened.

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