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Sagres returns and postpones study of the oceans

The objective of the SAIL research project was to study the climate and health of the oceans, but the voyage around the world by the Portuguese Navy Sagres school ship ended earlier than expected. Effects of Covid-19.

Sagres has already turned around to return to Lisbon after the trip to celebrate the 500 years of the circumnavigation of Fernão de Magalhães was interrupted due to the risk of the pandemic caused by Sars-CoV-2. The ship was in South Africa. The arrival in Lisbon is scheduled for the first half of May.

The news of the return to Portugal was not a surprise, but even so, it was received “with some sadness” by the 142 people on board. On board is a team of scientists that produces 13 GB of data per day. Objective: to help predict the climate of the future, better understand climate change and assess the health of the oceans.

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