Início » Macao Tourism returns to Portugal and is named “Favorite International Destination”.

Macao Tourism returns to Portugal and is named “Favorite International Destination”.

Since February 28, the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) has been busy participating in various tourism fairs around the world with the aim of increasing the number of international visitors to the city.

MGTO took part in the Lisbon Travel Market (BTL) from February 28 to March 3, with the support of the Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (APAVT). The Portuguese market also offers greater contact with Europe, and DST has taken advantage of the “APAVT International Favorite Destination 2024” award to expand its sources of visitors.

The director of MGTO, Helena de Senna Fernandes, attended “Macao Day,” a ceremony attended by around fifty tour operators and several Portuguese media organizations. She emphasized APAVT’s “fundamental” role in revitalizing Portugal’s tourist flows and preparing for the success of the APAVT National Congress in Macao in 2025, which will bring hundreds of Portuguese tour operators to the city.

At BTL, MGTO promoted an e-learning program on Macao for Portuguese travel agents, exhibitions of lion dances and Chinese martial arts, and a “Happy Hour with Macanese Gastronomy,” among other activities. MGTO promises to continue joining forces with APAVT to promote Macao to Spanish and European tour operators.

Following a joint promotional campaign for Macao held in January at FITUR 2024 in Madrid, Spain, the next initiative will be to invite a group of European tour operators, including members of APAVT, the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies (CEAV), and the European Confederation of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators (ECTAA), for a familiarization visit during the 12th Macao International Tourism Expo (Industry) in April.

This year’s BTL was attended by 85 countries and regions, with more than 1,400 exhibitors.

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