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Celebrate in Style: Macau Presents Unforgettable Chinese New Year Festivities for 2024

The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) is set to captivate residents and visitors with an extraordinary lineup of festivities during the upcoming Chinese New Year. There will be fireworks, parades and the promise that the city will continue to be lit up during the Lunar New Year

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Golden Dragon Parade

On the 1st and 2nd days of Chinese New Year (February 10th and 11th), the city will come alive with the Golden Dragon Parade and captivating performances at designated locations. Join the dragon and lion dance teams, along with the God of Fortune, the three Gods of Happiness, Prosperity, and Longevity, the Chinese Zodiac Mascot of the Dragon, Entourage Boy and Girl, and Macao Tourism Mascot MAK MAK.

Witness their mesmerizing performances, receive festive wishes, and be part of the vibrant celebrations that attract visitors and boost the local economy.

Float Parade

Chinese New Year Celebrations in Macao 2023(Macao Government Tourism Office)

Experience the delightful “Celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Macao SAR – Parade for Celebration of the Year of the Dragon 2024.” This magnificent Chinese New Year extravaganza will electrify the central and northern districts of Macau on the 12th and 17th February (3rd and 8th days of Chinese New Year).

Join us at Sai Van Lake Square on the 12th February (3rd day of the Chinese New Year) and prepare to be enchanted by a captivating warm-up and opening performances, a vibrant float parade, cultural and artistic showcases, float exhibitions, and an engaging online game, among other highlights that will sweep you away by the vibrant colors, lively music, and infectious energy that fills the air. for a grand opening ceremony followed by the enthralling float parade.

The opening ceremony of the Celebration Parade will take place on the same day, at Sai Van Lake Square. For the first time, the route of the first parade will be extended to Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, where several performances will also be held. This event will feature the participation of 15 floats and 30 local and international artistic groups, totaling approximately 1,000 artists.

Extend your journey into a world of wonder as you witness the splendor of the floats at Macau Fisherman’s Wharf from February 13th to 16th and at Tap Seac Square from February 18th to 25th. These magnificent floats will transport you to a world of wonder, offering countless photo opportunities. Capture your experiences with the floats and share the magic with your friends and family on social media.

Fireworks Displays

Prepare to be mesmerized as Macau lights up the night sky with three spectacular sessions of Chinese New Year Fireworks Displays. Each session, lasting 15 minutes, will showcase breathtaking pyrotechnics above the sea, with the iconic Macau Tower serving as a magnificent backdrop.

This year’s themes include “Dragon” on the 12th February (3rd day of the Chinese New Year), “Renri” on the 16th February (7th day of the Chinese New Year),  and “Lantern Festival” on the 24th February (15th day of the Chinese New Year), celebrations.

Witness the magic unfold from five designated vantage points, offering breathtaking views of the stunning displays. Join us at Anim’Arte NAM VAN, Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre, Avenida de Sagres, Macao Science Center waterfront, and Avenida do Oceano in Taipa for an unforgettable experience.

Interactive Games for all

Chinese New Year Celebrations in Macao 2023 (Macao Government Tourism Office)

MGTO will engage visitors with a series of interactive games on its WeChat mini-program, MGTO’s Interactive Zone. From February 1st to 17th, participants can embark on missions in games such as “New Year’s Beast Blasting” and “Spring Festival couplets” for a chance to win attractive prizes and enter lucky draws.

Furthermore, MGTO values feedback and will collect opinions from residents and visitors through questionnaires posted at the event venues and online platforms. This valuable feedback will help enhance future events and improve the overall experience for attendees.

Light Up Macao continues

Iluminar Macau 2023The Chinese New Year festivities in Macau extend beyond MGTO’s events. Light up Macao 2023, unveiled last December, will continue until February 25th. Various entities will host activities during the Spring Festival, creating a vibrant “tourism +” scene.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate the Year of the Dragon in Macau and immerse yourself in the joy and excitement of unique Chinese New Year festivities. Join us in Macau and create unforgettable memories as we usher in the Year of the Dragon.

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