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Platform Talks: we need to talk

Paulo Rego

We talk less and less in this city. In public, in cafés, in newspapers, in offices, in meetings… you can understand the reasons, but we need to get the talking city back. We don’t deny reality, nor do we criticize those who remain silent. But we must support those who speak out. You don’t have to be against or in favor – but you can be. You must think, say what you think, listen to those who agree – or disagree. PLATAFORMA turns ten years in May. A decade of thinking, saying, and giving space to those who know what they’re saying. We’re celebrating with a series of debates, co-organized by Rui Cunha Foundation, which has a good habit of doing the same. We thank them for their constant and relevant support, not just for us, but for all those who insist on the habit of thinking.

On Tuesday 6 February, at 6.30pm, we launch the first of at least nine debates planned for this year. Guilherme Rego, director of this newspaper, which develops our DNA so well, will moderate a free and informal conversation with Kevin Ho and João Francisco Pinto. The businessman, politician and media investor join TDM’s director of information – Portuguese and English channels – to share with the city his vision and experience in building international media networks that allow Macau’s image to be projected abroad. This strategy is completely in line with that of PLATAFORMA, which currently has more than 30 protocols with media brands, including the exchange of content, commercial operations and even investment projects.

The model will always be the same: two guests, a moderator, online streaming, and the ambition to promote this idea of international networks; be they media, cultural, university, financial, legal… Because that’s how the international city is built; that’s how we value the open city; that’s who we are – and who we want to be. After the debate, we invite our readers, supporters, our city… to socialize and exchange ideas with a glass in hand and inspiring snacks at FaFaFa – N.A.P.E. Thank you to Rui Farinha and João Varela; for their support, for knowing how to receive, and for liking to think.


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