Início » Cars with ChatGPT, subscription-based appliances and stoves with AI

Cars with ChatGPT, subscription-based appliances and stoves with AI

Las Vegas will be the technology capital this week with the first major show of 2024, a massive space with 4,000 exhibitors and an expected attendance of 130,000 people. This is a considerable increase compared to last year's edition, which demonstrates the increasing integration of technology in all areas. This year, and perhaps always from now on, Artificial Intelligence will be present in every corner.

This was what we saw on the first day of press conferences, before the official opening of doors that takes place this Tuesday. LG was one of the brands that most impressed the audience at the start: it introduced the Smart Home AI Agent robot, a subscription for home appliances and a transparent television, the OLED Signature T.

The small intelligent robot, AI Agent, will manage the smart home, communicate with the user and even show empathy, as described by its manager Henry Kim, at the LG conference. Equipped with multiple sensors to navigate around the house, it records indicators such as temperature and humidity and can show “a variety of facial expressions”, something the company calls “affectionate intelligence.” The idea is for the robot to increasingly understand the user and their environment – for example, alerting you to medications in the morning, welcoming you back from work and even making emergency calls in the event of an accident.

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