Início » Light Up Macao 2023 brings sparkle to the nightlife

Light Up Macao 2023 brings sparkle to the nightlife

Light Up Macau 2023 has already begun. Already a tourist icon in Macao, it will be in the city for almost three months and aims to offer everyone a journey of light and color through the local neighborhoods. The event, with the participation of various government departments and private sector companies, aims to enrich the SAR's nightlife and promote the economy of community neighborhoods.

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The opening ceremony of Light Up Macao 2023 took place on December 2. Under the theme “Dazzling Wonderland”, the event covers a total of 34 locations spread across seven areas of the Macau Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane.

At these locations in the city, you can see various video mapping shows and interactive light installations. With Light Up Macao 2023, the authorities intend to paint Macao in different colors, drawing attention to community neighborhoods, which are not always at the top of tourist attractions.

Each area has its own history, culture and architecture. The light show aims to highlight this, taking advantage of the characteristics of each location to bring different dynamics to the public.

That’s why each zone offers residents and visitors sub-themes of the “Dazzling Wonderland”: “Blooming Splendor” in the Central District, “Light Up! Porto-A-Ma” in Praia do Manduco District, “Dancing Butterflies and Blooming Wonders” in the Nam Van District, “Travel Around the Universe” in NAPE, “Joyful Journey” in the Northern District, “Fantasy Fairyland” in Taipa and “Coloane Ambassadors” in Coloane. Click here to see what each zone offers the public.

In the Northern District, in particular, you’ll have the chance to see flash mobs every Saturday at 20:30.

Light Up Macao 2023

“Joyful Spaceship” is one of the light installations located in the Northern Zone of Light Up Macao 2023. (Credit: Macao Government Tourism Office)

Making use of art and technology, the various government departments and local businesses bringing Light Up Macao 2023 deepen the cross-sector integration of “tourism +”, thus bringing new life to the community neighborhoods.

As a result, this initiative is expected to bring economic vitality and benefits to merchants in these areas.

Light Up Macao 2023 will run until February  next year, thus covering several important festivities, such as the Commemorative Day of the Establishment of the Macao Special Administrative Region, Winter Solstice, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Day, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, “All Birthdays” Day and the Lantern Festival.

Video Mapping

Light Up Macao 2023 video mapping shows will take place at the front square of Macao Science Center, Largo dos Bombeiros in Taipa (the façade of Cozinha Pinocchio Taipa) and the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier in Coloane.

Each show is eight minutes long and will be presented by local teams, but also from abroad, such as the teams from Seoul, South Korea, and Wuhan, China, both part of UNESCO’s Creative Cities of Design.

The video mapping shows at Macao Science Center, Largo dos Bombeiros in Taipa will take place daily between 7pm and 9:30pm, with projections every 30 minutes.

At the the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier in Coloane, video mapping will be present until December 30, 2023, between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. (there will be no shows on December 24 and 31, due to activities at the church), and between January 1 and February 25, 2024, between 9:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., every 15 minutes.

Take part and win prizes

There are various prizes and draws that you can take part in and maybe win.

If you take photos at the activity sites and post the hashtags #2023幻彩耀濠江, #lightupmacao2023, or #ilumninarmacau2023 on social media, and gather 20 likes, you can win prizes at the event’s information posts.

You could also win a cell phone holder. All you have to do is pick up the free postcards at the information posts and collect the stamps from the different venues. By collecting these stamps, you can also take part in a “grand lucky draw”, says the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO). However, there are a limited number of offers, so you should take part as soon as possible before they run out.

Another “grand lucky draw” is waiting for you on the Light Up Macao 2023 website – where you can also find all the information about the event. You will have to complete the online game “In Search of the Dazzling Walk” and fill out a survey. At the end, you will automatically qualify for the draw.

Constant interaction

Light Up Macao 2023

“Flashing Accelerator”, in the Northern Zone. The interactive light installation is part of the Light Up Macao 2023 initiative. (Credit: Macao Government Tourism Office )

MGTO has also launched a mini program on its WeChat called “MGTO’s Interactive Zone” with information on the theme, itinerary and program of Light Up Macao 2023.

Several interactive games will be launched in succession, including “My Colorful Memories”, “Me and Macao, Dazzle Together” and “Portal to Dazzling Colors”.

Joining the mini program allows you to stay on top of all the initiatives during these almost three months of activities, participating both in person and online.

Extra activities

Light Up Macao 2023

“Arraial na Ervanários 2023” is one of the activities that crosses with Light Up Macao 2023. (Credit: Macao Government Tourism Office)

Taking advantage of Illuminate Macao 2023, MGTO is supporting associations to launch innovative outreach activities, including “LightUp! F’Art for U”, “Snowy Wonderland” and “Luminescent Night at Travessa do Armazém Velho 2023”.

On the other hand, during the same period, the “Creative Camp Marketplace” and “Colourful Christmas Carnival Coloane Winter Craftsman Market” are taking place, allowing residents and visitors to explore the unique “tourism +” elements of the various areas of Macau.

Information Counters

Iluminar Macau 2023








The MGTO has set up seven information points in the city (one in each zone). Here you can ask for additional information about the event, as well as redeem prizes. You can find them at:

Central District: Sofitel Front Courtyard

Praia do Manduco District: The square of Barra Public Transport Interchange

Nam Van District: Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre

NAPE: Parque Dr. Carlos d’Assumpção

Northern District: Leisure Area in Rua Do General Ivens Ferraz

Taipa: Largo Camões Taipa

Cotai: Largo Eduardo Marques

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