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Light Up Macao 2023: Find out what each district has for you to see

Light Up Macao 2023 has already arrived on the city's streets. There are seven areas in Macao that will be filled with lights, colors and an arrays of shows for residents and visitors for almost three months. Each district presents a unique experience.

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Seven districts with seven different experiences.

Browse through the gallery and find out what Light Up Macao 2023 has prepared for you:

Northern District: “Joyful Journey”

Iluminar Macau 2023

Get closer to the stars on the “Stairway to the Star”, just one of the many attractions located in the Northern District of Macao. (Credit: Macao Government Tourism Office)

Central District: “Blooming Splendor”

Iluminar Macau 2023

In the city center you can also see the lights. The “Illuminated Arches” depicts iconic photographs of Macao, welcoming visitors.(Credit: SJM Resort)

Praia do Manduco District: “Light Up! Porto-A-Ma”

Iluminar Macau 2023

History is not forgotten at Light Up Macao 2023. And nothing better than remembering it at the Moorish Barracks, an emblematic building in the city. (Credit: MGM)

Nam Van: “Dancing Butterflies and Blooming Wonders”

Iluminar Macau 2023

Under the cover of darkness, the lake mirrors the graceful dance of colorful butterflies, while a stunning laser show bathes the surroundings in vibrant energy. (Credit: Wynn Macau)

 NAPE: “Travel Around the Universe”

Iluminar Macau 2023

In “Star Light Boulevard” stars overlap to form a gateway to the starry sky. The irregular directions embody the exploration of unknown spatial order.(Credit: Galaxy Macau)

 Taipa: “Fantasy Fairyland”

Iluminar Macau 2023

In the “Glittering Music Box” the lights react to the rythm of the music. (Credit: Macao Government Tourism Office)

Coloane: “Coloane Ambassadors:

Iluminar Macau 2023

Projection Mapping at the St. Francis Xavier and Eduardo Marques Garden Chapel, Coloane, illuminates the village with dazzling and captivating projections of light and shadow. (Credit: Macao Government Tourism Office)

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