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Nelson Moura

It was then confirmed this week that the visit of the Chief Executive of Macau to Portugal will take place between the 18th and 22nd of April. The trip to Lisbon – Ho Iat Seng’s first official visit outside the country since taking office in December 2019 – is currently of great political and strategic importance for both China and Portugal, something already extensively reported by PLATAFORMA.

However, little is known about the details and agenda of the head of government’s trip, something difficult to explain.

Less than a month into the trip, in a short message to the press, the Media Office tells local journalists how to sign up for news coverage.

However, most of the message contains only some basic information, the form and deadline for registration, expenses with air tickets, accommodation and meals. A completely administrative communication, without any political content.

A visit of such importance deserves commensurate media coverage, so more information should be released.

For the local media, in the interior of China, and in Portugal, it would be interesting to already have details about where the EC will stop in the country, what official meetings it will have, where it will go, who it will meet, and most importantly, what messages it will carry and want to bring.

In order for the Portuguese and Chinese media to devote some space to this important visit, it will be necessary to clearly communicate and prepare the delegation’s plans. Otherwise, the trip risks having a more discreet impact than what appears to be the interest of all parties involved, Macau, Portugal and China.

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